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Many therapy companies are struggling today in the changing reimbursement arena. With insurance reducing what they are willing to pay for rehabilitative services, cash flow problems can arise. Many clinics have looked for ways to enhance or supplement their therapy revenues, such as adding gym/health club memberships, Pilates, or Yoga classes before and after clinic hours. I would offer an alternative as well as a personal story.

I would recommend that clinics consider adding a cash-based business of health coaching/weight counseling, which also extends patient care. While this might not be obvious on the surface, many patients are treated due to health problems caused in part or full by obesity. Being overweight can cause people to have problems with joints, and even though you might treat and discharge them, it is only a matter of time before return with the same or a similar issue caused by the excess weight.

In May 2010 at 5’10″ and being 50 years old, I tipped the scale at 210 pounds. I had been a runner but stopped because of swelling in my knees, and I knew I needed to do something. I joined a local gym and began running, swimming, and weightlifting. Eight weeks later, I was only eight pounds lighter when a physical therapist approached me about a health coaching program. The idea was not about dieting, but that a diet alone will not work. It needs to be accompanied by someone to support the person making the change (a health coach) and incorporating exercise into their lifestyle.

The therapist that approached me had been heavy, weighing well over 240 pounds. When he contacted me about the health coaching, he weighed under 200. After listening to the presentation about the program, I decided to purchase the meal package. I remember starting the meal plan on Friday and running a 5K the next morning. My running time that morning was just over 26 minutes. Not very exciting, but it was as low as my times have been thus far during the 2010 summer running season. During the week I noticed weight was flying off my body. My weekly running workout had not changed, but the plan was working. Eight days after starting the program, I weighed eight pounds lighter and shaved about two minutes off my 5K time. I was so close to my personal record set three years prior, and the only change had been my diet/weight loss.

During the summer of 2011, I have continued running 5K’s and have begun moving toward goals that seemed unattainable when I set them a few years ago. This summer I have set a new personal record three times. I haven’t just beaten my personal record: I’ve shattered it.

That is my personal testimony. The question is, will work for you? After my experience with the product, I related this to one of my clients in Kansas. Since starting the fall of 2010, they have lost over 60 pounds and decided to add health coaching into their physical therapy practice. They now have a four-figure monthly income through this cash-based business for a small amount of their personal time.

If you are interested in trying the product, please contact me. Once you see what it does for you, I believe you will want to help others achieve the same result!


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